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Soleco TI Consulting is a global independent management, systems and technology consulting group that delivers business transformation strategies and cutting edge technology solutions to a large number of clients. With headquarters in Montreal.


Soleco has extended its area of expertise and operations into multiple industry sectors, including Transportation, Education, telecommunications, finance, defence, IT, strategic management, complex program delivery, manufacturing, and healthcare.

We provide consulting services in project management and assessing IT transformation or transition. 

We do focus mostly in solutions and enterprise architecture design and project delivery and management.

The leading Internet of Things Experts
to Build your BIGDATA Platforms

As the Internet of Things (IoT) begins transforming businesses, economies and society, Soleco Labs is emerging as the early leaders in the overall IoT ecosystem. We examine the current landscape of leading IoT projects and IT to encapsulate service governance and build Data Lakes and Reactive and responsive Streaming messaging technologies , how much revenue they generate, how much awareness they create and how much these solutions really do. We created a cutting edge Laboratory with complete set of machinery, design and prototyping tools, testing and control machines, Best 3d and IT developers, proof of concepts, management protocols, agile and smart project methodologies and implementation Technics and a pool of the best experts in Canada.

Innovation, quick implementation and continuous improvement in our business practices have made us a niche company with in-depth knowledge and understanding of local markets.