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In order to compete on the international stage, Soleco Labs turn their ideas into marketable innovations quickly and efficiently. That is why Soleco Labs partnered with strong research partners providing innovative methods and new approaches

We developed since many years considerable research capabilities in an application-oriented fields.

Soleco Labs invest in research projects, with partners and companies to develop industries intellectual properties and technological product applications in energy, scientific, internet controls, social connected products and industrial laboratories facilities in Canada and Tunisia.

We act as partner or project owner:

  1. Idea new product, method or material (possibly preliminary enquiry / project outline to Soleco Labs)
  2. Partner search main research institution, possibly further research and implementation partners
  3. Research state of existing technology at national and international level
  4. Formulation of the project research plan, financial plan; possibly business plan
  5. Completion / Submission of the Soleco Labs project proposal official form
  6. Internal processing of the proposal by Soleco Labs
    1. check and possible reallocation of the area of funding
    2. formal check of the proposal, possible return for revision in event of formal discrepancies
    3. evaluation of the proposal by Soleco Labs experts
    4. discussion and decision by Soleco Labs experts - preparation and communication of the decision
  7. Ongoing projects ,
    1. Scientific interim reports: Milestone reports according to project plan and any obligations under article 1. of the subsidy contract
    2. Financial interim reports: every 12 months –
    3. Go/No-Go Reviews: depending on evaluation decision, project plan and milestones
  1. Project completion
    1. Final scientific and financial reports and implementation plan one month after project completion
    2. Review meeting with a Soleco expert depending on evaluation decision and/or course of the project

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Don’t lose your entitlement
A long term benefit
Don’t make a timid claim
SOLECO specialist team are ready to claim what you are entitled too.
It’s so frustrating if a company has missed claims in the past. One SME, employing just 6 people, lost an estimated £200k because an accountant advised them wrongly. The MD told us, “From the very beginning, we have developed products, its part of what we do. That money would have helped us.” They’ve now claimed for the past two years, but are left wondering ‘what if?’ about the lapsed years. Click to edit text
Click to The government wants to reward risk takers and support companies who innovate and improve.
The R&D Tax Credit scheme is there to ensure stays competitive. Paying less Corporation Tax means you can fund future investment. There are billions of pounds available in this scheme and it is guaranteed until 2032. It offers stability, security and the chance of growth for those taking risks to innovate. edit text

For those already claiming something under the R&D Tax Credit scheme,SOLECO are happy to perform a quick health check on previous claims to advise on improvements to your current claiming approach and system. This is normally a half day activity and free if you move to Soleco.
The challenge is to ensure you’re being aggressive enough in what you submit. SOLECO often find we can increase on a company’s claim by 40% plus. 

Eligibility rules for R&D Tax Credit 

Here are some of the reasons why clients say they previously failed to claim:

  • Accountants told them they couldn’t claim R&D Tax Credits;
  • R&D is seen as something done in labs, not applying to their work;
  • Claims seem too time consuming to cope with;
  • They failed to realise they could apply year in year out for R&D Tax Credits;

HOW an R&D is processed

How an R&D is processed SOLECO deals with clients who are very busy people, so we handle everything for them. Even our initial meetings aren’t a waste of time. A free consultation lasting no more than an hour is enough for our consultants to determine if you’re likely to have a claim.

Then we send in one of SOLECO  industry experts from your sector to visit. And because they speak the language of the engineers, scientists, researchers or testers they quickly get to grips with the work of a company in a way that an office based accountant couldn’t. It’s their job to analyse all aspects of your work to find every eligible activity and translate that for the technical submission for your claim.

Our specialist team will rigorously test the claim against the complex regulations. They ensure the maximum return before we submit it to HMRC. Clients are also protected in the event of any follow-up enquiries by tax officials as we deal with HMRC for you.